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Microsoft is committed to multiplatform launches MSN apps on iOS and Android

admin Dec 12

Microsoft continues its commitment to a multi-platform and has just launched its suite of MSN apps for two major operating systems: iOS and Android.MSN-ios

Microsoft remains committed to continue with one of the best decisions taken by the company in recent years: to take most of its services to all platforms with a special focus on mobiles, in order to increase the share of potential users and provide alternative access to their services to the public, regardless of the mobile device in your pocket. Good services services, if they are also available on all platforms, they may assume that popularity of Microsoft will follow even for operating systems that are not in its range, the timing is rather unlikely given that Google is the king of the castle in mobile and a Apple stronger than ever.

The first step was taken with Office for iPad, with pro rave reviews from users, and now, following these steps, has launched a suite of MSN for iOS and Android devices. In this sense, MSN News, Sports, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink and MSN Money are now available for download in the iOS app stores and Google Play, consolidating an overhaul of its MSN portal that began in September with a complete renovation of features and design that allow the company to give a boost to one of the most legendary web portals.

The truth is that at first glance the applications looks very nice, and can stand up to other applications portals that have come reinforced in recent years: Yahoo, that after the arrival of Marissa Mayer has driven many of its features and it has also improved the applications available for mobile devices.

For the moment, those looking to get their hands on more Microsoft service for mobile devices, you can download the MSN Apps in Google Play or iOS App Store.

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