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Microsoft detected a virus preinstalled on their computers

admin Sep 9

The software giant found that some of the equipment manufactured in China containing a virus installed even before they reached the consumer. Given this fact, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against a group of companies providing Internet domains being related to the attack.

As reported by The Huffington Post, a group of researchers from the company found that several of their PCs and laptops made ??in China were infected with malicious software. The illegal code could allow hackers to detect users pressed keys on the keyboard to steal passwords, bank details and generate waves of spam.

Besides detecting that some of its infected came from factory equipment, Microsoft also reported that some retailers are selling computers with a counterfeit versions of Windows that are infected with malware. Photo: MicrosoftPDC (via Flickr).

But that’s not all. Malicious programs that were installed also allow criminals to control the webcam equipment and activate it without user authorization.

Also, Richard Domingues Boscovich, executive Microsoft Security Unit, published in the official blog of the unit that the company found retailers selling computers with counterfeit versions of Windows that are infected with malware called Nitol, which infects computers through an external file.

According Domingues, this fact is quite worrying because the malware may have entered the supply chain “at any time”.


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