Meet the 10 people with the highest IQ in the world

“They are the brightest, the smartest, the most intelligent”.

They are the ones with higher intelligence quotient (IQ) as reported by SuperScholar, in no particular order: 1. Stephen Hawking – CI 160 2. Kim Ung-Yong – CI 210 3. Paul Allen – CI 170 4. Rick Rosner – CI 192 5. Garry Kasparov – CI 190 6. Sir Andrew Wiles – CI 170 7. Judit Polgar – CI 170 8. Christopher Hirata – CI 225 9. Terence Tao – IC 230 10. James Woods – CI 180.

The 10 Smartest People Alive Today

Here is our list of ten of the smartest people alive today.

1. Stephen Hawking
– IQ of 160
– Age: 70
– Author of seven bestselling books
– Recipient of over 14 awards of recognition

2. Kim Ung-Yong
– IQ of 210
– Age: 50
– Worked for NASA as a teenager
– By the age of two he was fluent in four languages
– Child prodigy

3. Paul Allen
– IQ of 170
– Age 59
– Co-founder of Microsoft
– Worth $ 14.2 billion

4. Rick Rosner
– IQ of 192
– Television writer for Jimmy Kimmel
– Worked as a bouncer and other non-brainy jobs

5. Garry Kasparov
– IQ of 190
– Age: 49
– Youngest undisputed world chess champion
– Ran for president of Russia
– Holds record for longest stretch as # 1 rated chess player in the world

6. Sir Andrew Wiles
– IQ of 170
– Age: 59
– Proved Fermat’s Last Theorem, Widely Regarded As The Most Difficult math problem in the world
– Recipient of 15 prizes in math and science

7. Judit Polgar
– IQ of 170
– Age: 35
– Beat Bobby Fischer at chess When she was only 15
– Child prodigy

8. Christopher Hirata
– IQ of 225
– Age: 30
– By 14, he had Entered Caltech
– By 16, he was Working with NASA

9. Terrence Tao
– IQ of 230
– Age: 36
– At 24, he Became the youngest ever full professor at UCLA
– He has published over 230 research papers

10. James Woods
– IQ of 180
– Age: 65
– Won three Emmy Awards
– Two Academy Award nominations

Ranking: the 10 smartest people in the world

The list is headed by Terrance Tao, an Australian whose IQ is 230 points.
The famous Russian chess player Garry Kasparov is also integrated in this listing, showing that this game is essential for knowledge.
The student support group “Super Scholar” yesterday presented a ranking in which listed at 10 people living brains have higher IQ in the world.

The educational organization decided to rely for listing on the understanding that people have subjective, given IQ or achievement that these men have taken over his life. Here are the rankings.

1. – Terrance Tao

The 37-year-old Australian is the person with the highest IQ in the world (230 points). Among his most important accomplishments is being the youngest person to become professor of mathematics class at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), a position he obtained when he was only 24 years old.

2. – Christopher Hirata

His IQ of 225 points allows the young guy to be one of the greatest geniuses of the world, currently enjoying a very important job in NASA projects focused mainly on the possible colonization of Mars. Curiously Hirata joined the project when he was 16 years old.

3. – Kim Ung-Yong

Although this ranking is not ranked first, Kim Ung-Yong is considered by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s smartest man. Throughout his 50 years, Kim has been dedicated to making ongoing research related to physics. One of the most curious of his life is that from the age of three he began receiving invitations to attend physics classes at Hanyang University in Korea.

4. – Rick Rosner

Rosner’s life is one of the most atypical of a genius, in his youth he enjoyed street skating and worked as a stripper model, however, his greatest skill was always in letters. Rick Rosner, with an IQ of 192 points, is currently a famous writer at TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live, which has huge ratings.

5. – Garry Kasparov

This Russian 49-year-old is a phenomenon in the world of chess, through which has used his 190 IQ points to be the best in the world. The power of Kasparov in Russia have led him  to even compete to become the country’s president.

6. – James Woods

A complete genius this actor is 65 years of age, who has 180 points of IQ and has been nominated several times for an Oscar. During his youth, James Woods spent most of his time in linear algebra studies at UCLA, later enlisting in the Massachusetts Technology (MIT).

7. – Judit Polgár

Another great chess player in the world is cast in this listing. Judit Polgar, a Hungarian national, learned most of her skills from her father László Polgár, who was introduced in an early age to an educational program implemented by him, which gave priority to chess. The 36-year-old remains with an IQ of 170 points.

8. – Paul Allen

Paul Allen’s mind, with an IQ of 170 points, has been his greatest weapon to become a master of business. At age 59, Allen had a fortune of 14.2 billion dollars, in capital and managed to become co-founder of Microsoft.

9. – Sir Andrew Wiles

This British mathematician is 59 years old and rose to fame in 1995, thanks to the demonstration of Fermat’s Last Theorem, considered the most difficult arithmetic problem in the world. After performing this important scientific achievement, Wiles, who keeps his 170 points of IQ, was recognized by the British crown, giving him the title of “gentleman”.

10. – Stephen Hawking

He is probably the most recognized worldwide for his intelligence, which is supported by its 160 IQ points. Among his most important achievements are the work he has developed to facilitate human understanding of the universe, that today they are embodied in seven books considered Best Sellers.

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