Logitech set launch USB 3.0 Blu-Ray external drives


Logitec Japan started a unique line of USB 3.0-portable Blu-ray writer drives, in the LBD-PME6U3 series.

The drives rely on a lone USB 3.0 communication port to the host for both capacity and connectivity. The drives are equipped for of copying Blu-ray discs at speeds of up to 6X. The drives go come in several fundamental variants, and a couple of color options.

The LBD-PME6U3V incorporates a Total MediaExtreme 2 Blu-ray creating programming software, the LBD-PME6U3LBK incorporates a lighter form of the same product, TotalMediaRecord 2, while the LBD-PME6U3MSV combines the usual ROXIO Toast 11 Titanium.

These a couple are ready in a few color choices, dark, silver, and red, on the top-panel. This top-panel is built of rough aluminum case. Measuring 136 x 142 x 19 mm (WxDxH), the aforementioned drives weigh about 300 g. Costs begin at 9,555 JPY (US $ 117), and go the considerable prices up to 21,525 JPY (US $ 265).

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