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Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum looks to reel in PC gamers

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum condenses the best technologies and the know-how of the brand to the delight of gamers. But at what cost!

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Costs about $200 or 180 euros, the G900 Chaos Spectrum is one of the top models in the Logitech catalog. This mouse offers players both a wireless and wired experience, its main competition is from Razer or SteelSeries who currently offer a similar connection mode. Does A you need to justify its high price?

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Logitech has along history in designing PC peripherals dedicated to video games. Thus, in addition to keyboards and headsets, it also offers this mouse, the main weapon to make the difference against all opponents. And if the Swiss brand had not proposed wireless mouse for gamers since we already have the G602 and G700, the G900 Spectrum Chaos could be a hit or just fall in the crack along the rest of the field.

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All about ergonomics: the G900 weighs only 106 grams (including battery) and 154 grams with cable. The plastic which it is composed off is solid. Its slightly rounded shapes allow it to well fit in the palm of the palm. Thus, the back is curved as it should, the angle of the key clicks is just as significant. The thumb and little finger seamlessly integrates on the sides of the mouse.

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It is indisputable the G900 Logitech is a very good mouse. However, it can not claim the top rating because of its price. It’s too expensive ! Logitech had not accustomed us to it. However, technologically and ergonomically, it amply deserves five stars. Then there is the popular Razer Mamba Wireless, sold at the same price.

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