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LG Optimus G2, new phablet with a 5.5-inch screen, Full HD

admin Dec 12

The phablets, ie those oversized smartphones that almost become a tablet, are becoming increasingly popular devices and more powerful thanks to the technology built around them. While market models are few, in recent months we have seen a few. One of the most rumored new phablet is the amazing LG Optimus G2.

This new Optimus family member will feature a 5.5-inch screen extravagant Full HD as the title says. A Korean report further says that this device will have a powerful processor, Snapdragon S4 Prime quad-core 2.0GHz, which would place it above phones like the Samsung SIII. It seems that it will also have a great camera and as you would expect it to have LTE.

So far none of this has been confirmed and the image does not belong to the device in question, but the G1.

Hopefully soon they will announce anything officially, but that will be difficult since the G1 was released a few months ago.

LG Optimus G2, new phablet


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