Lenovo to introduce 6 new smartphones at MWC 2015

Lenovo is stepping up and are said to be present during the upcoming MWC, no more and no less than six new smartphones providing new devices geared into the upper-middle range. This new Lenovo smartphone is called the Vibe Shot, Vibe X3, S1, P1, P1 Pro and Vibe Max and we’ll see them in just over a week during the popular technology show.

The Vibe Shot was the first known (unofficially), and is presented as a mide range model with decent but not spectacular features.

On the other hand we have the Vibe P1 Pro and its impressive 5000mAh battery, but is that not even the star product. Such an honor goes to the Vibe X3 with a 5.5 inch screen, 20.7 MP camera and Hi-Fi 3.0 sound among other things. On the downside it most likely looks to be a Full HD device.

Also in Full HD is the Vibe Shot, S1, P1 and Vibe Max, the latter being the largest of all (as the name suggests) with a 6 inch screen and fingerprint recognition.

Finally, there are the S1 and P1, the lower models of the group, although it is rumored that even the entry level is being offered with more than decent features. The P1 for example comes with a 4000 mA battery and will come with Android 5.0 Lollipop, 4G LTE connectivity connectivity, 64-bit processor octa-core and 2GB RAM.
For now not many more details about the phones are known such as prices.

Via: VR-Zone

lonovo vibe 1

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