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Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

admin Mar 3

I think Lenovo did their usual fantastic job with this. I really do consider them the windows version of Apple or Samsung/Android. Having said that, I just don’t have a lot of confidence in ATOM. I want a chipset that can match not only ARM processing power but also graphics performance and be able to run most x86 legacy windows apps. I don’t think Clovertrail is quite there yet. Maybe Haswell or Baytrail?

I am a huge Lenovo fan and have been for the last three years; returning to them from the other OEMs. Their detail to quality and durability is what turned me around. My experience with ordering, obtaining, and using THIS product may turn me away again.

I ordered two of the Tablet 2’s because I was anxious to see Win8 in a touch/swipe screen mode. It finally arrived a few months later (they delayed the release “to get it right”). Strike ONE!

One of my complaints about this is the lack of availability of accessories. Everything is delayed (several weeks out), including my keyboards, which are not very well engineered. While it may “snap” in place during use, the logic of not making this part of a protective case totally escapes me. This is what the previous Thinkpad Tablet did! Anyone that moved around with an iPad has that very thing; a protective case that unfolds to a keyboard. That’s been one of the major success factors of iPads in an enterprise role. In my opinion, this is a HUGE miss on Lenovo’s part. CHECKED SWING!

There is also a bug in this device that causes the screen to do dark, not wake from sleep, reboot (assumed the Win8 version of a BSOD), or require a power off and power on to recovery. There’s quite a few theories on the support boards about the cause but nothing concrete from Lenovo.

In call fairness, I will say that when this is operating, I forget the other misgivings. But rebooting mid-meeting kind of makes the global recommendation to the corporation kind of hard to justify; especially when the bean counters are working well in the same meeting with their iPads. Lenovo isn’t doing them or Microsoft any favors with this roll out.

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