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Lebron James Mode for PlayStation 3 NBA 2k14

admin Sep 9

Lebron James mode lets you play with him seven years of his career, with or without the Heat.

NBA 2k14 still showing its cards for this year, and now has shown us a new game mode called Lebron, Road to Greatness, which is kind of campaign that lets you play with Lebron James to get the ring for seven NBA seasons.

NBA 2K 2014

Lebron James ‘ involvement with this year is deep: the player who appears on the cover of the game, supports the excellent soundtrack of NBA 2k14 and is the main star of the NBA right now, in the opinion of 2K that is.

Before playing you must make a crucial decision, if those seven years King James is with the Miami Heat or if his career will continue on other teams. In the Dinasty mode you will play the Heat campaign, which begins with a narrated intro explaining the glittering path they have followed up to the end by the finals between Miami and the Rockets, on June 17, 2014.

If you decide Lebron should leave the Heat,via Fantastic Journey, the first game you play, at the start of the season will be against San Antonio. Throughout the years you will change teams, in Fantastic Journey you will play over 30 games. Depending on the season.

“The mode will create scenarios that revolve around his ascent to become one of the all-time greats in the NBA. It’s a storyline mode. It’s a way for us to cater for people who just want to navigate through a mode. Maybe you don’t want to play a full season, do general manager stuff, or go online–this is for you.”

NBA 2k14

We are a mere three weeks away for the game to hit the streets. Two years NBA 2K stunned us with the ability to play as Jordan and repeat some of his greatest milestones of the past, now is the time to play to be visionary and see what you can achieve with a player who is at the top of his potential.

Yes, this new game mode will be available only on current generation consoles, and consoles that they will reach the market later this year 2K Sports is preparing a completely different gaming experience.

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