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Learn How to Hack Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8

admin Aug 8

Today we will bring you a very good tutorial that will teach you how hack a PC or Laptop that is currently password protected.

hack windows 8

Please note this tutorial should ONLY be used for educational purposes and we are not responsible if anything goes wrong.

You will find that method is much easier to use than HirensBoot, or Console Commands and also best of all is that you will NOT need to modify any files on the PC, after leaving the application everything will be back to normal ūüėõ
This program that we are going to use is a real gem. I include this software kon bot 2.1 in the instructions below. it works for Windows operating systems, and is  a free software without any viruses.


1. Download and unzip to a folder
that contains the program into your desktop .

Download kon bot 2.1 Now.

2 .Place the pen drive in any
slots available for your PC or laptop .

3 . After this we open  the Kon -boot USB folder ,
and there we click 2 times on USB_INSTALL.VBS
as shown in the image.


4. After pressing in USB_INSTALL.VBS
you will see a screen that verifies the settings and checks the device name to be used .
for me it said Logical Drive : F  this is the drive letter where my pendriver is inserted .
Then press accept .


5. After accepting and moving on in the previous step, we
will something like you see in this picture: That
means your Kon -Boot on USB is ready,
Then We press Accept.


6. Then after this lets go into our Pendrive , in my case is the Removable Disk F:
Then We entered our Pendriver and must see the 3 files


7. Now we are ready to do a reboot from
the Pendrive . You can use this Pendriver in
any Pc or Laptop we want to Login without a password.

8.Then go to the computer you want to hack and insert the pendrive .

9.Then Reboot the PC .

10.When the PC is booting We press¬† the key “F12 ” to enter the Boot Menu.
Just as in the picture. And here we select
USB : Generic STORAGE DEVICE AND We press Enter.


11.Then we will get something like this and
press Enter again .


12. Now all is ready and hopefully you will
something like this:


13.Now we are finished and we have an Administrator account .
And here we do not need to enter password just press Enter!  All Done .. !
Very Good … ! ! We’re In .

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