Latest Update In DX12, Rumour Has It New GPUs Required For DX12

Latest news on DX12 says you new the “latest” video card on the market, typical Microsoft! It is also claimed that it will offer 50% better performance…


Mike Ybarra, partner director of program management who leads engineering efforts for console and PC, told Polygon that while a number of DX11 and DX11.1 GPUs will support some of the features of DX12, new GPUs will be required for full support.

To get the full support of DX12 will users need to get a new graphics card.” said Ybarra and continued:

“The power and frame rate wins we demonstrated come from improvements in CPU usage in the OS runtime and device drivers.  And this was on DX11 devices.”

In short, those – theoretical – 50% performance boosts that Microsoft claimed will be enjoyed by gamers that own a Kepler or a Fermi or a Maxwell NVIDIA GPU.

In 2014 we have very few DX11 and looot of DX9 games. so whats the catch?
nvidia push many expensive cards to play 20 DX9 games and only 5 DX11 games?
Full DX12 will never appear ’till Q3 2016.

The amd r9 series cards are actually dx11.2 cards but i suppose there is some sort of overlap between dx11.2 and dx12 that makes for minimum support for the new api.

GTX980/970 have full DX12 support.

DX12 will be another BS trust me.

If DirectX 12 is compatible with DX 11 video cards why Windows 7 / 8.1 is not compatible with DX 12 (I don’t talk about the 2 useless features that Nvidia is advertising for marketing purposes )