Latest research argues that life began on Mars

According to the scientist Steven Benner, a meteorite from the red planet gave rise to life here on earth.

The hypothesis that life could come from Mars was mentioned during a Goldschmidt conference in Florence ( Italy) , that speculates wether life may have come to Earth through a meteorite, according to a statement released today.

Professor Steven Benner, a specialist in synthetic biology and the first researcher to synthesize a gene, said a highly oxidized form of the mineral called molybdenum element 3,000 million years ago might have been instrumental in the origin of life .

“This mineral form only existed on Mars,” said US scientist founder of the Institute for Science and Technology Westheimer .

According to Benner, “The molybdenum, and boron, would be crucial in the formation of organic molecules it allows the development and prevents it from being transformed, with light or heat, a tar-like material.”

mars human origins

“The analysis of a Martian meteorite had recently demonstrated that boron on Mars, and we believe there was also oxidized molybdenum,” maintained the researcher.

He pointed to the paradox of ” if life had struggled to begin on Earth because it was completely covered by water, this would have prevented the concentration of forms of boroughs “.

“The evidence suggests that we are all Martians fact that life began on Mars and came to Earth aboard a rock,” the professor said.

” But you were lucky to end up here because Earth has certainly been the best of the two planets to sustain life ,” he said .