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iPad Air GPU Benchmarks

admin Nov 11


We now know more graphics benchmarks of the new iPad Air. As reflected by these tests, the new tablet from Apple is now faster than its predecessor, the fourth-generation iPad in this respect . It as good as what that figures say, 70 % better than the previous model . All this comes with the new Apple A7 processor and powerful GPU built into this tablet.


The graphics performance of the iPad Air is between 40 and 70 percent better on the new generation of Apple’s tablet when compared to devices released in previous years , as revealed by a long AnandTech benchmark of the product. As in the case of iPhone 5s, iPad Air features one of the new Apple A7 processors with integrated IMG PowerVR G6430 GPU, with a maximum clock frequency of 450 MHz.

In a simulation benchmark of the game T-Rex HD, iPad Air got a 75 percent performance improvement over the fourth-generation iPad , its predecessor. And in tests with 3DMark Ice Storm , reached more than 36 percent compared with the same opponents. So the graphics unit of iPad Air is clearly superior to the iPad 4, which is surpassed with figures of up to 60 percent in the 3DMark suite .

ipad air graphicsscore

Although the iPad Air beat iPad 4 as is clear in most of the tests, there was a decline in the performance of the speed in triangles. Regarding this downfall , AnandTech says they have not seen any real impact of this result and therefore is not considered a crucial aspect at all.

Along with significant performance improvements in the GPU, the iPad Air has shown great improvements in processing capacity. In the Geekbench 3 benchmarks we found yesterday, the iPad Air has shown up to twice as fast as the iPad 4.

We will inform about new details about the iPad Air and all the news of Apple ‘s new tablet and iPad apps and everything you need to know to get most out of iOS 7.

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