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iOS 8.2: Trick to Improve Battery Life on iPhone and iPad

Whenever there is a new version of iOS it seems there is always some problems with the way it consumes extra battery resources, we’ve seen this happen in our iPad or Iphone and it appears iOS 8.2 is no exception, however there may be a way to improve battery consumption on iOS 8.2 and we tell you how.

How to improve battery consumption on iOS 8.2 (iPhone and iPad)

Apple on monday released the awaited iOS 8.2 update, which among other things, includes support for the Apple Watch, in addition to many other changes, it made adjustments and corrected a lot of errors.

With this new version of iOS there are new features such as fitness tracking, which is possibly the reason for the more battery power your device needs. Therefore we will show you a simple tutorial of how to deactivate these new functions and thus improve battery life.

You just have to follow these four steps to disable these functions in iOS 8.2.

  • The first thing you have to do is go to Settings.
  • Go into Privacy Settings.
  • Then click on “Motion & Fitness“.
  • And finally, disable “Fitness Tracking” function.

With these four steps you’ve now disabled this new functionality that may well be putting a drain in your iPhone batter life. Keep in mind that this may not be the only reason why your battery is being used. We advise you to check the settings of your  iPhone, to see if everything remains the same before the upgrade.

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