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Interesting new developments from the OCZ Vertex 5 SSD

admin Apr 4

The popular website Nordic Hardware recently posted that OCZ is getting ready to kick off the Vertex 5 that is its latest SSDs. This fifth-generation from the manufacturer’s Vertex series is predicted to reach our shores by May 2013, along with drives that come in the form of 512GB, 256GB, and 128GB.  Vertex 5 might just look to grab power to become OCZ’s leading solution with the Vertex 5, Vector series, has been said to be in line with with the sleek Barefoot 3 SSD controller in its Vector, however with a number of modifications.


OCZ could use Vertex 5 to strengthen its lineup against Samsung, which appears to have captured the performance segment with its 840 and 840 Pro series, using aggressive pricing, particularly with 840 (non-Pro). Vertex 5 could be based on the same Barefoot 3 platform as Vector, with a few tweaks. It could integrate 20 nm MLC NAND flash. With the company engaged in legal tussles with some of its former investors, it could be interesting to see how the company competes with Samsung’s pricing.

Via: TPU

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