Intel Core i7 5930K Review and Benchmarks

The Intel Core i7 5930K is almost the king of CPU’s right now after the 5960K and for good reasons, codenamed “Intel Haswell-E” this particular CPU was released in the third quarter of 2014 and supports LGA 2011-3 mother boards.


Designed mainly for high and graphics needs for users such as animators and those working in the multimedia field, it offers a whopping 6 cores with 12 threads available.

Its stock frequency is at 3500 MHz but turn on the Turbo Frequency and you can reach 3700 MHz, lastly it offers 15MB cache. Temperature can get got due to its 140W requirements.

Lets see some benchmark results.

Intel Core i7 5930K tested under Cinebench, Sony Vegas.

5930K CPU benchmarkNotice the Intel Core i7 5930K is slightly slower than the Intel Core i7 5960K.

The result is the value obtained during rendering using all the cores.
Tested under the 64-bit version of Vegas Pro 12, GPU was turned off. Time given in a minute [dot] seconds.

Compare the Intel Core i7 5930K vs

Intel Core i7 5960X

Intel Core i7 4960X

Intel Core i7 5820K

5930K CPU comparison


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