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Intel Core i7 4770K vs the competition

admin Mar 3

The next generation of Intel processors, Intel Core fourth generation, known as Intel Haswell will be released in early June or late May. Although still a few months to reach the market, and we already have the first comparative performance benchmark of the Intel Core i7 4770K as it has been faced off against the Core i7 3770K and i7 2700K. Below we will show the results.

The performance of these new processors are expected to exceed by 10% the previous generation, Ivy Bridge, as far as CPU performance is concerned. The main improvement that will bring the new Intel Core fourth generation will be the new integrated graphics. Integrated graphics GT3 is expected to offer a yield of up to 300% compared to previous generations available now. Although these charts are intended only for laptops and ultrabooks. Third generation intel core i3 i5 i7 Ivy Bridge 22nm.

The Intel Core i7 4770K is a processor with four cores and eight threads of processing, operates at a frequency of 3.5 GHz, with Turbo Boost reaches 3.9, GT2 integrated graphics, 8MB of L3 cache and TDP will of 84W. This processor has undergone several tests to compare its performance with i7 3770K and i7 2700K.intel core i7 4770k vs 3770K vs 2700K in the elder scrolls V Skyrim.

The three processors are configured to operate at 3.5 GHz with Turbo Boost technology disabled. Tests have shown that the new i7 4770K offers superior performance ranging from 7% to 13% compared to the i7 3770K, this is something like what happens between the i7 2700K and i7 3770K. In contrast to the integrated graphics performance that had a greater increase. Being a single engineering processor performance in the final version may vary.
We then leave you some of the tests performed.







Source: TechPowerUp.

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