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Inno3D prepares its iChill GeForce GTX Titan HerculeZ 3000

Inno3D is preparing to launch a new graphics card, the iChill GeForce GTX Titan, which, in this case, the card will use a triple Herculez 3000 cooling fan.

The Titan GTX GPU which integrates a GK110 conforms with 2688 CUDA cores, 48 ROPs and 224 TMUs, arriving at a base frequency of 927 MHz while its 6 GB of GDDR5 memory makes reference at frequencies of 6.0 GHz coupled with a memory interface of 384 bits, giving a bandwidth of 288.38 GB / s.


The iChill GeForce GTX Titan PCB makes use of reference, which is topped by a Herculez refrigeration system 3000, which is composed of an aluminum radiator supported by five copper heatpipes and three PWM fans that will decrease the card’s temperatures quite a bit. All this is hidden by an orange aluminum cover.

Because this is a leak, we will not now its price or release date until May 20.

via: WCCFTech

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