HTC One (M8) vs iPhone 6

The HTC one is one Modern looking smartphone that stands out above all other thanks to its enclosure made mostly of metal, and the two main cameras located at the rear of the smartphone. One of them is used for standard image capture, and the other to control the depth of field (blur the background behind the subject). HTC One M8 also features a high-performance, 4-core Snapdragon 801 processor and a large amount of RAM. In this way it will perform well in both games, as well as advanced applications.


Elegant and modern design made of metal, smartphone feels great in the hand, very high end CPU performance, good viewing angles and high brightness of the backlight display, long battery life, infrared transmitter (function universal remote control TV), very good quality audio (headphone ), built-in speakers have a relatively high power, connectivity contactless NFC, Wi-Fi in the latest standard “ac”, the camera has two LED light to (different shades), dual camera with a selection of the focal plane,


The back of the case is susceptible to scratches, the rear camera performs poorly against the competition, the metal casing can get intensely hot, the design is too extended.

HTC One Specifications:

CPU clock speed:2300 MHz

RAM: 2048 MB

Screen size: 5.0 inch

Vertical resolution: 1920 px

Weight: 160 g
The latest generation of Apple’s smartphone, which from all previous versions is distinguished primarily by the magnitude of its screen. Following the market trends, the manufacturer decided here on a much larger diagonal – 4.7  display. The Apple iPhone 6 smartphone also comes with a highly efficient, A8 64-bit processor and the new version of iOS. As with the iPhone 5S it counts on a fingerprint reader.


Highly efficient processor, fingerprint reader, contactless NFC connectivity, impressive quality panoramic images (43 megapixels), better than its predecessor in battery life.


The lack of a memory card slot.

iphone 6

iPhone 6 Specifications:

CPU clock speed: 1380 MHz

RAM: 2048 MB

Screen size: 4.7 inch

Vertical resolution: 1334 px

Weight: 129 g


Now the moment of truth, lets compare the iPhone 6 vs the HTC One in various benchmark tests.



First lets compare the Apple iPhone 6 results: 9.6

  • 3DMark Unlimited: 17201
  • GFXBench T-Rex: 50.1 frames / s
    SunSpider JavaScript: 344 ms
  • GFXBench Manhattan: 26.5

Now compare the HTC One (M8) results: 6.5

  • 3DMark Unlimited: 20512
  • GFXBench T-Rex: 30 frames / s
  • SunSpider JavaScript: 635 ms
  • GFXBench Manhattan: 11.8

Looks to us that the iPhone 6 is still the fastest when it comes to gaming, even though the HTC One scored higher in 3D Mark.

Lets see how the iPhone 6 compares to the HTC One in battery life, when using it to watch movies and surf the web sing WiFi.



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