HTC Evo 4G : Full Phone Specification, Review & Price Cost

HTC Evo 4G : Full Phone Specification, Review & Price Cost

The HTC Evo 4G smartphone runs on 4G speed. The handset is capable to get connected with eight devices. It is constructed with a front-facing camera in order to establish video chats along with an eight megapixel camera with several HD video recording capabilities.


HTC smartphone is built-in with a YouTube HQ video player with an Android 2.1 along with an HTC Sense as well as an HDMI port in order to establish connectivity. The handset is inherited with a 4.3 inches touchscreen along with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor for a faster performance.


The HTC Evo 4G smartphone is a top most Android handset. The smartphone is about 4.8*2.6*0.5 inches in dimensions. It is light to carry and convenient to hold. The users will find it easy to manage.

HTC boosts 4.3 inches capacitive touchscreen that delivers high pixel resolution that produce crisp and sharp images. It also comes with a light sensor that adjust the backlight automatically.

Not only this, the users will also find a wide range of environmentally friendly features. It comes with several included accessories. The smartphone comes with an AC adaptor as well as a USB cable and an 8GB microSD card.


The smartphone offers an Android 2.1 operating system. It provides several Google services as well as different applications. It is built-in with Google Maps for navigation purposes. Besides this, it is inherited with a voice to text entry and live wallpapers.

The HTC Evo 4G boosts a 1.3 megapixel camera that enable the users to shoot an HD video quality. It also features video chat application to make video calls. The video call quality is clear and loud.

Furthermore, HTC smartphone features a speakerphone, speed dial option along with smart dialing facility and voice commands. It is inherited with a visual voice mail as well as Bluetooth and 3G capabilities.


HTC has introduced the Evo 4G smartphone with a wide range of features. The model is available between $179.99 to $599.99 price range.

HTC Evo 4G : Full Phone Specification, Review & Price Cost

HTC Evo 4G : Full Phone Specification, Review & Price Cost

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