HP Slate 7 7″, good size with a good processor

Looking for a cheap affordable tablet look no further than the HP Slate 7.7 this particular tablet features 8 GB of memory android 4.1 operating system and features a ARM 9 processor.

HP Slate 7 7 -2

The HP Slate seven tablet will fit right in the palm of your hands and can allow you to bring your whole entertainment such as movies music with you whether you are traveling on the subway or making a trip across the world not only is this tablet the right size but it’s also pretty fast. Thanks in part to its dual core ARM processor that features 1 GB of RAM 8 GB built-in memory and as we mentioned earlier features the latest android 4.1 operating system this particular tablet also comes in with Wi-Fi which allows you to stay connected such as at at the mall or at second cupor at home.

HP Slate 7 7 -1

And it lets you share your photos, music and many other features that are a must.

Digging into the operating system we find android 4.1 jellybean which has been proven to be very fast and quick operating system looking to access millions of songs and books and movies look no further than this tablet as there are over 600,000 applications to download and purchase

The HP Slate 7 7″ tablet also comes with expandable storage if you do run out of 8 GB of space you can also insert a microSD card and we can even purchase a 32 GB expandable memory card and will work perfectly fine.

HP Slate 7 7

If you’re a fan of audio this particular HP Slate tablet comes with beats audio which produces rich superior sound that is normally not expected in a tablet, another good feature of this HP tablet is its dual cameras it also comes with video chat anytime and it has a front facing camera that allows you to take photos and pictures and if you happen to have an heyHP printer at home this tablet will connect to your printer from anywhere in the world.gay