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How to use your Android Smartphone as a baby monitor

admin Dec 12

For those that have babies or young ones to take care off, the need for some kind of monitoring device is highly recommended. While one can go out and buy a standard baby monitor, you will have to pay at least $100 for a decent one, so what are the alternatives, is there a baby monitor alternative that can work with our smartphones ?

The answer is yes, there is an app for Android called Dormi, and essentially its a baby monitor app that uses a standard Android smartphone for the camera and act like a standard baby monitor, how cool is that ?

Not only is “Dormi” cheap, its one of the most popular in the Android market, it allows you to use the audio recording and video capabilities of your smartphone. If you want you can only hear just the audio.

You may download Dormi from the Google play store.

How to use Dormi  as a Baby Monitor


Setup Android Phone As Baby Monitor



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