How to use two apps in the same window in Windows 8.1 Update

One of the important features that incorporates the new Windows 8 operating system is the ability to use two applications simultaneously on the computer screen. This feature sets the apps automatically on each side of the screen and allows us to change manually the width we want for each of the tools. Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting option for those users who are accustomed to using multiple applications simultaneously. Stay tuned as we show you how this function works through the latest version of Windows 8.1 Update system.

Although not much hype has been given to this function, one of the newest features that we enjoy in Windows 8 is the option to use two applications via split screen. There are several ways to use this feature. The first way is to take the mouse to the top left corner. When the list of open applications appears, drag the app you want to use with the left mouse button pressed one of the two sides of the screen. We can see how the chosen app in split screen is placed beside the application that is opened.


If you are working off the desktop , you can drag the application from the area above ( with the mouse button pressed ) to one side. In this case , it will be an empty box on the opposite side. Simply click on this box and then open another application to stand next to the other application. This way of setting the split screen is configured in a similar manner through a touch screen. Only in this case instead of waiting for the list of open applications to appear drag then drag your finger from the top left corner down. Windows Update 8.1 also introduces a new way to use the split screen. If we are out of the desktop and we take the mouse to the top, a small upper band appears. On the left side there is a small icon that, when you click on it, offers two options called “Split Left” or “Split Right”.

Once you have opened the two applications, you can drag the mouse on the center bar that separates the two applications to mark the size of each of the apps. What I missed in Windows Update 8.1 is the option to use one of two tools at a reduced lateral size. Now, the two applications must have a minimum size of about 30% of the screen. If you drag beyond the strip as we will see again it displays a single application in the panel. By the way, if we open an application when we already have two applications in split screen you will see appear the third floating screen between the two and we have to choose the application that you are replacing.

Besides the use of the mouse and the touch gestures, you can use the keyboard to move between the two applications without pressing the mouse. To do this, simply press the Windows key + the period key. Overall, this is a very interesting feature to leverage the capabilities of Windows 8, especially on computers that have a larger screen size .