How to use Music Drop to transfer songs via Wi-Fi to your Windows 8 Phone

Music Drop is a very interesting application that allows you to send songs to your Windows 8 smartphone with simply a Wi-Fi connection. It is easy to use this application and does not require us to install anything on our computer or laptop.

To copy music via Music Drop is simple. The first thing we do is start the application, where it will show as an IP address to enter in the web browser where we want to send the songs. Once that is done a window will appear like this:

music drop tips
While at this point, we all we have to do is find the songs you want to spend to the smartphone and drag them (holding the left button pressed ) to where it says “Drag and drop audio files here”. No need to worry about the folders since the application creates that for us based on the information of the songs. And once it finishes loading, the songs will already be on your cell.

Too easy, right? The truth is that it would be an excellent program if not for a serious error we found: It does not transfers images from an album. When we go to “Music and Videos” we will see that our record has just a gray background.

This could be solved if the application allowed to transfer images from the album to the folder of the songs that you are sending, but for now that’s not possible.

Music Drop

If you are someone who does not mind having all albums simply displayed in gray, Drop Music is an application that must be installed on your smartphone. Now, if this bothers you … Drop Music can be used as a tool to move podcasts or songs to share with you friends from your computer.

Drop Music is completely free and has no advertising. It is only available for Windows Phone 8.