How to use “Hey Siri” in our Apple Watch

One of the star features of the Apple Watch is the possibility of using the Siri as an assistant, this gives us extra time to do things with our voice, without having to use our phone. Let’s see how we can use Siri on Apple Watch thanks to the Hey Siri command.

Siri on our wrist

The famous “Hey Siri” is already second nature among many Apple users, the ability to call Siri by voice without touching anything is a great feature if you have your hands full at that time.
To call Siri via voice command is practical when you have your hands full, like say you’re holding your baby.

In typical fashion the Apple Watch includes this feature, thanks to the built-in microphone that will know when we are calling Siri. For Siri to hear us the Apple Watch screen must be on there is absolutely no other way, if we say “Hey Siri” and the screen is off the Watch will not have any response back to us, here we find two ways:

If you have enabled the detection via the wrist we just we have to raise the wrist and automatically the display screen will have the option of “Hey Siri” running.

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The other option is touch the screen Apple Watch, just a slight touch on the screen and the device will show the time and the “Hey Siri” function will become available.

Activate Siri with Digital Crown

This option, although less comfortable is more private, since we will not have to say out loud “Hey Siri”, all you have to do is hold down the Digital Crown a second, and Siri will activate wondering what it can do for us.

Siri in Apple Watch can go a long way

As you can see using Siri on the Apple Watch is very simple as well as useful, since from your wrist we can tell Siri remember to make us something, start a timer, start a workout, send a message to a contact … options that Siri gives us are many, but Apple still needs to get its ‘assistant’ some more advance commands and allow us to do more, besides providing the opportunity for developers to include Siri in their apps, something that would make sense and Siri would become much more powerful and remain the best virtual assistant on the market.