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How to use Airdrop

How to use Airdrop

Apple’s AirDrop feature is a popular way to share files on smartphones and tablets from Apple, which eliminates part of the file-sharing limitation that Bluetooth offers in these devices. If you have an iOS 7 or higher you will already have it installed on your iPad 4, Mini, iPod Touch fifth generation or same if you have an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C or 5S, Iphone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

So why not learn how to make best use it!

First, you must verify that the feature is on and the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are working. Simply pull the screen up and down turn all that needs to be activated. If the icons are white, means that they are already active.

How to use Airdrop - start

You can select to just share between contacts or chose the “everyone” option.

How to use Airdrop - select photo

You can now go into photos, select the photo to share with your iPad.

How to use Airdrop share buttonYou can now click on the share button, and select your iPad, which should be shown in the icon above.

How to use Airdrop - transferAll done! You should now see your photo that you shared from your iPhone and should display in your iPad.

How to use Airdrop - completeYou can now open the image in your iPad, its that simple.

You may also share from your Notes app. In addition to notes, you can send photos, saved tickets from Passbook, phone numbers, contacts, and other files.

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