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How to update Windows XP until 2019

admin May 5


Although the general recommendation remains upgrade computers running Windows XP to the most modern Windows and most secure or opt for other alternatives that may send you towards Linux, the amount of XP systems are still abundant.

If you want to upgrade or do not have the budget to buy a new computer, you should at least ensure your system is as much protected as possible with some of the guidelines that we will show you.

You can also try a trick that published by Ghacks.net facilitating obtaining the Microsoft security updates that are not officially available.

It is possible to “make believe” that your operating system is Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, a version used in industrial environments with the same core as Windows XP and will continue to receive updates until 2019.

To convert our standard XP just have to add a few lines in the Windows registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Or directly download the zip file that was prepared from Ghacks, unzip and run.

Important Notes

– This hack only works with Windows XP versions that have 32-bit SP3 installed.

– Although the core Embedded version shares the standard version of XP, is not guaranteed full compatibility when installing an update and could result in an overall failure that would end the system.

– Create a backup before any changes to the registry and do not use this trick in production environments.

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