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How to unlock your MacBook with TouchID with your iPhone

The TouchID announced by Apple was presented with the launch of iPhone 5S in September 2013, but to date the fingerprint reader can only be used to unlock your phone and authorize purchases on the App Store/ iTunes; this at least officially.

Fortunately there is a third party applications that takes advantage of using TouchID, and it is called MacID.

MacID is an iOS app with which you will be able to unlock your Mac with TouchID of your iPhone or iPad. You will have to buy it however, but you may download it completely free from the App Store, right from your phone.

MacID Application

After downloading the app for iOS, we download the Mac version (at the end of the tutorial you’ll find all the links to download both versions); then we must activate the Bluetooth on both devices for the application to synchronize. The Mac app prompts you to enter the password for your computer and from that moment everything will have been configured, you can unlock your Mac using the TouchID at any time.


But that’s not all, lets say you step away from your Mac and forget lock it you can do from your iPhone (you only have to activate this function, as shown in the picture below), taking into account the limits of the Bluetooth range; you can also control audio applications like iTunes and Spotify.

Enable MacID for Mac

As you can see it is a very useful application and you avoid having to enter your password every time.

Download MacID for iOS | MacID for Mac

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