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How to transfer content from a classic mobile phone to a smartphone

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Many of us already have a smartphone in our hands. In fact, we may be reading this article from one of them. We have become accustomed to them, they are part of our lives , but not all have switched to them yet.

If you have been using a mobile throughout your life and want to make the jump, we encourage you today not only to do it but we will explain how to transfer your contacts and files to continue having them in your new smartphone. A simple process for the whole family.

How to back up my photos and videos

transfer contacts from old phone

We will start in the multimedia aspect. If you have any photos and videos saved because our phone had camera, we can continue to have them in our mobile, or at least store them in your computer for storage and do not lose them. Here the process varies greatly by phone.

Normally, before mobiles came with a cable to transfer files from your phone to your computer via a USB connector. If this is our case, we simply have to connect it. If your PC does not recognize it as a storage unit, we will have to install the driver, go to the manufacturer’s website for more information.

Once we have done this we simply have to locate the folder within the mobile phone, we want to copy the contents to the PC and go. Do not be anxious about: in your new mobile it will be easier to do all this.

Another option is to do it via Bluetooth. The problem is that the process can be slow because you have to go file by file. The process is simple: activate the bluetooth on your computer, and from the phone we chose each photo and download via this metho.

How to back up my address book

backup address book

Once we have transferred all our photos, now is the next step: our directory. Here again, we have many ways of transferring from one phone to another so we are going to explain step by step the different options we have.

If you have few contacts, we can make a quick copy of them via some handy online services. If you have Android, the best option is to use Google Contacts on your email account in GMail. If you use Mac OS and iPhone use the contact application that comes with these computers.

If we use PC and Windows Phone, or any other operating system, you can also synchronize your contacts with Outlook quickly and easily. Anyway, it is best to backup our contact directory to one of these three services to have our phones on hand .

If instead of having just a few friends and family contacts we have hundreds and hundreds of phone numbers, it is not something we can do simply by export them to Google Contacts, calendar of Mac OS or Outlook, but there are two easy solutions.

First, go to the contacts on your smartphone and look at the options menu to export. While there, we will generate a file with  Csv extension we can then send to your computer or from cable or bluetooth as seen above.

Once we have that . Csv file on your computer, just have to go to any of the three applications of contacts that we have talked about, select import and select the contact file. Finally, we now will have saved all our contacts and ready to sync to the phone automatically.

Another option, the simplest of all, we must ensure that our contacts are stored in SIM memory. To do this, simply go to the contacts of our old phone and the settings menu we should see an option where you chose where your contacts are saved.

If you saved them to the SIM then perfect, no need to change anything else. If not, you just make sure it is saved there. Now just put our old SIM in the new smartphone and you will have it working.

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