How to tell if your computer is compatible with Linux

If you would like to make the jump to Linux but are concerned about the compatibility of your equipment, We will give you some advice to investigate how much of your hardware will work without problems when installing a distro.

We have been recommending many Linux distributions for various reasons, and for different scenarios. Whether you gonna you migrate from Windows XP when support ends or if we have a computer with a few resources or if we simply want try Linux for the first time; one question recurring often between users, including those who have installed Linux many times on multiple computers, will my hardware be perfectly compatible with Linux?.


Canonical the company behind Ubuntu has worked hard to verify that Ubuntu works perfectly on variious computers. Several OEMs (manufacturers ) actually work with the company to make their equipment compatible, and have certification of Ubuntu, some even sell computers pre – installed with this distribution.

Odds are that if you have a Lenovo, Dell, or HP computer, your hardware is pretty Ubuntu friendly. From this link you can check all desktops and laptops with Ubuntu certification and validation. You’ll find many machines of the brands I mentioned, a few Asus, and Acer. You have a search box and a section of servers. There is also a catalog of components containing devices from 259 manufacturers to review in more detail, very useful if your PC is a clone.

If your computer is in this set compatible with Ubuntu, the chances that the resulting distributions (Linux Mint, elementary OS ) will work well.

Hardware Compatibility List for Arch Linux

One of the most legendary Linux communities, is Arch as it always has been known for having one of the best wikis in existence, so their detailed articles, and broader support come in handy. It is expected that they will have a section on hardware compatibility. Unlike certification of Ubuntu that provides the company behind that distro, the compatibility list of Arch Linux is offered by the community that relies on user experience with Arch Linux on their computers that has been documented in detail in the wiki.

You can check laptops desktops and various brands and individual hardware components organized by type. A valuable resource.

Buy a computer with Linux preinstalled

Currently there are many brands that offer computers with Linux preinstalled, which obviously ensures you will have a perfectly compatible machine and the chances are that if you install any distro it will probably run very well. There are even brands such as System76 computers running Ubuntu exclusively as its operating system.

Techdriven recently made ??a list of 7 computers with Linux preinstalledworth watching.

The problems are mainly with the video drivers, even now thanks to Steam, the bosses of ATI and Nvidia are improving their support for Linux, having a GPU from either of these two brands can become a terrible headache in some cases. An Intel GPU has almost 100% guaranteed success with any distro, but that does not mean you can not opt for higher quality graphics, sometimes you are going to have to try and keep on tryng.