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How to resize tiles in Windows 8.1

admin Feb 2


This time around we are going to learn how to resize tiles in Windows 8.1. Sometimes our start screen can become too cluttered with so many tiles, specially when some Apps use larger tiles, luckily there is a way to free up space.

Right click on the tile that you want to resize, or if you are on a Windows tablet tap.

Resizing tiles Windows 8.1

Then click Resize.
Resizing tiles Windows 8.1 -1

Select or Tap if you are on a tablet, Small.
Resizing tiles Windows 8.1 -2

Your Windows 8.1 start screen should now reflect the changes made in resizing the tile, in this case the news tile has been set to “small”. As mentioned earlier creating smaller tiles will your start screen more room to have other tiles. If you wish you can make tiles bigger by following the same steps.

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