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How to put a signature on all your entries in WordPress

admin Jan 1

Have you ever wondered how you can put a signature on all your posts in Wordpress? This way, you’ll get your signature as fixed content that appears at the end of each entry in your blog, both old and new posts. In a few steps you can achieve this nice effect, stick around to learn how apply this tutorial to your blog.

Difficulty: Low

Installation: 10 minutes

The steps are:
1. Install a new plugin

2. Copy the HTML code from your signature

3. Edit plugin

4. Activate the plugin

1: Install a new plugin

Have you ever wondered how you can put a signature on all entries for WordPress? That is, a static text to be inserted at the end of each entry automatically.

You can do this manually, of course, but it is very annoying to have to do it entry by entry. Also, when you want to change this “signature” you will need to modify previous entries.

With this tutorial you will learn how to insert a signature automatically to all your WordPress posts. It can be very useful for various things like insert advertising at the end of each entry, place a subscription link by email, remember a promotion … You set the limits!

To do this, we will use the help of a plugin. Click on “Plugins” (found in the column on the left of your desktop or “dashboard” of WordPress) and then click on “Add New“.

In the search box located on the top right, type “Bottom of Every Post“, which is the plugin for WordPress that we will use.

signature in wordpressDon’t worry it will appear several results in your search. Click on “Install Now” in the plugin developed by Corey Salzano.

Depending on the browser you use or your version of WordPress, an open confirmation window may or may not appear. Click on “OK” to continue.

A new page will load that will indicate the installation process. Once finished, you will be prompted to activate the plugin or not. Do not activate it just yet as the plugin will insert sample text on all your posts by default.

2: Copy the HTML code for your signature

Moving forward, you must copy the HTML code you want to enter at the end of all your posts.

If you have no experience with HTML, we recommend creating a new entry (do not post!) Then delete it or save as draft.

To do this, click on “New” in the top bar of WordPress.

New entry in WordPress

Insert the images you want, links, boxes and then click on “Text” (top right of the editor).

Inside the WordPress Editor

It is in this area where you can view the HTML content that you’ve created. Select all and copy the generated content.

3: Edit the plugin

Once you’ve copied the HTML code all that is left to do is edit the plugin.

To do this, click on “Plugins” and then on “Plugins installed“.

Locate the plugin you want to edit (in this case, its name is “Bottom of every post”) and click on “Edit”.

Edit plugin in WordPress

You will see that in the right column three files will appear. Click on the second one (bottom_of_every_post.txt) for editing.

You will see a test text appears. Delete everything and paste the HTML code that you had copied from your signature created in Wordpress.

Then click on “Update File“.

If all goes as it should, a message confirming the changes you have made will appear.

4: Activate the plugin

Once you have inserted the signature you want to insert in all your posts, it’s time to activate the plugin.

To do this, click on “Plugins” and select “Installed Plugins“.

Activate plugin in WordPress

Locate “Bottom of every post” and click “Enable“.

Plugin has been activated

You will see a confirmation message once you have activated the plugin properly.

From that moment, you will see the signature that you have created at the end of each of your posts, even the old ones (and, of course, be added in future posts too).

Also, if you want to update the above signature you can simply delete it and replace it by a new one. Very convenient…

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