How To

How to properly install Kaspersky 2016 and enable hidden features

Uninstall previous antivirus. Then run the latest update definitions. Finally perform a full system scan.

You will then see 4 different scan types.

You will then have to schedule a scan.

Head to Settings. Then Additional tools – > Privacy Protection on the top left.

KIS 2016 will allow you to manage the security of your PC remotely.

The hidden feature allows you to be able to scan your computer for potentially exploited settings. Very useful!

KIS 2016 also has some nice settings for spam .

How to use KIS 2016 Safe Money. Enabling this setting will keep all your online transactions safe.

How to use KIS 2016 Parental Controls, to keep you family safe from unwanted threats and content.

Enable KIS 2016 Chrome extensions as well as Firefox extensions to keep your browsing habits from catching any unwanted threats.