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How to Jailbreak iOS9 devices from OSX

The latest Pangu Jailbreak is now available for iOS 9.0, 9.01 and 9.0.2 and if you’re on a Mac you may want to follow this tutorial.

Pangu Jailbreak OSX -1

  • To jailbreak iOS 9 devices from OSX you need Parallels Desktop,you can download a free trial from here.
  • Next what you need to do is download a trial version of Windows, in this case you can download a free trial of Windows 10 Enterprise from here.
  • Once you have downloaded Parallels Desktop and the Windows 10 ISO we need to open the application and head to Archive -> New -> Select the Windows 10 ISO. The steps on installing Windows 10 is rather simple, just follow the on screen instructions.
  • Once Windows 10 is done installing it takes less than 30 minutes, open the Windows 10 image from Parallels desktop.
  • In Windows use your favourite browser and download the latest version of Pangu to jailbreak our devices. Follow the Pangu instructions.

Pangu Jailbreak OSX

Note that you can only Jailbreak devices that iOS 9 can be installed on.