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How to Install Windows 10 on VMware

Get your PC ready, make sure you have the proper equipment such us enough CPU power and memory we recommend at least a quad core CPU and 8 GB of ram.

Download and install the VMware player from here. Making sure you have enough hard drive space for the installation.

VMware player installation

snip_20151016190909Create a new virtual machine in VMware Player. At this point you will be allowed to install Windows 10.

snip_20151016191155Have your Windows 10 key read, because VMware will require it to continue with the installation.

snip_20151016191333The next step is you will need to create a “Virtual” machine name, make sure you have at least 60GB of space left in your hard drive


The next option will be whether or not you want to have your virtual PC saved as 1 file or multiple files, the default here is multiple files.

snip_20151016191816As we mentioned earlier, having good hardware is a must since VMware will require plenty of memory and CPU power.


You should almost be done at this point, just hit Finish to have VMware create your virtual machine any errors should you encounter will happen at this step.

snip_20151016191633snip_20151016192124Via: PC Format