How to get your iPhone 6 to read content from Safari and notifications

One of the newest features of the iPhone 6 is its Speak Screen and Speak Selection Selection.

Have you ever wanted to have your notifications read to you ? Or how about have your iPhone read to you content from your favorite website? Well these speech tools are built right into iPhone 6, you simply need to enable them.

Here are the steps.

iPhone 6 enable speak screen

To have your iPhone 6 read your notifications and enable the speech tools, simply go to Settings, General.

iPhone 6 enable speak screen accessibility

Go to Accessibility.

iPhone 6 enable speechy

Go to Speech.

iPhone 6 enable speak screen settings

Enable Speak Selection and Speak Screen, note Speak Selection will be used to have your iPhone read content from Applications.

iPhone 6 enable read notifications home screen

In the Home Screen, simply use two fingers to swipe down on the screen.
iPhone 6 read notifications

You will then see this on your Home Screen, that means you have successfully enabled the Speak Screen option.

This Speak Screen option works in the Settings page and can be used for those who are visually impaired as well.

How to use Speak Selection in the iPhone 6

Speak Selection will have your iPhone read to you portions of highlighted text, specially useful when browsing the web.

iPhone 6 enable speak selection

Simply click and highlight a portion of the text inside Safari browser, then click on the Speak button. Then your iPhone will read the content that you selected.

You can also download high quality voices.

iPhone 6 enable high quality voicesTo download extra voices or accents, simply go to Settings, Accessibility, Voices.

iPhone 6 voicesPress the voice settings you want modify, default is English.

iPhone 6 enable high quality voices downloadDownload the voice, note make sure you have enough space as the voice files are pretty big.




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