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How to get on Blocked Websites at School | Bypass School Blocks

admin Dec 12

I found a lot of netizens searching for how to get on blocked websites at school. Are you searching for ways to bypass school blocks? Many schools have internet filters which prevent certain sites from showing up in browser. Hence, it becomes necessary to bypass such school filter in-order to access blocked websites. Today, I am writing a simple trick which can be utilized to bypass school blocks. Want to know the trick? Please proceed to next section.

Get on Blocked websites at school:

This trick utilizes user-agent feature to get around school blocks. How? We will set browser to use Googlebot as user-agent. So, all the traffic from your browser will be sent to Google and now, Google will forward your traffic to respective desired websites. So, your school web filter will think that the traffic is sent to Google and will allow you to visit the website. Easy right? Let us get into the steps:

The trick can be implemented by using either Firefox or Google Chrome. Use one of the methods below depending on your needs.

A. Firefox:

1. Download Firefox browser, if you don’t have and install User Agent Switcher addon.

2. Restart your Firefox.

3. After restart, go to Tools -> Default User Agent -> Search Robots and select Googlebot 2.1. Done!

How to get on blocked websites at school

You are ready with the browser configuration. Now, give it a try. I am sure you can can easily bypass school blocks.

B. Google Chrome:

– Add User Agent Switcher extension to your Chrome. This extension does not contain Googlebot. So, we have to add it manually.

– Click on User agent extension icon at right of your address bar(in Extensions bar) and hit on Settings.

Useragent addon Google chrome

– Enter information as follows:

New user-agent name: Googlebot 2.1
New user-agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)
Group: Googlebot 2.1
Append: Replace
Indicator Flag: GB

Hit on Add and the new Googlebot user-agent will be added in your list.

Bypass school blocks

– Click on User-agent extension icon from Extension bar and now, select Googlebot 2.1. Done!

Googlebot useragent added

Your Chrome is now configured to use Googlebot as the user-agent and it will help you to unblocks sites at school. Cheers!

I hope you can now get around school blocks using the above method. It is not guaranteed that this will work 100%. But, this is one of the best methods to access blocked websites at school. If you find this method not helping you in unblocking sites, don’t worry! I will post more tricks for bypassing school filter in my future articles.

This was a short tutorial on how to bypass school blocks. If you have any other trick to get on blocked websites at school, please share it with us in comments.

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