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How to gain ROOT access on the Alcatel OneTouch Flash

We will begin this little tutorial to get ROOT access on the Alcatel OneTouch Flash simply by using TowelRoot, a tool that exploits a vulnerability in Jelly Bean to simplify the process.

The instructions are very simple, it will surprise you how the process runs well and so quickly. It is even easier than the OneClick Root methods some developers offer for certain models. Obviously, some phones may pose problems as the developer aren’t able to test their application throughout the entire stack of Android phones and tablets but the tool ensures that it functions in most of them. Let’s do this.


  1. We enable installation of applications from unknown sources.
  2. From the mobile we go to and click in the symbol on center of the screen.
  3. Once downloaded click in it, then we can install and run it after granting the permissions the tool requires.
  4. Once TowelRoot is opened, it will show you a button that says “make it ra1n” and you will now be installing ROOT access to Flash our OneTouch. Keep in mind that if the Alcatel restarts, the process has failed.
  5. If we have not encountered any reboots you have successfully rooted your Alcatel OneTouch.
  6. Before concluding we must run one last step. Install SuperSU or SuperUser to ensure access to applications that require it. Both can be found in Google Play.

As you can see, the process is extremely simple. We leave below the proper links to the Google Play applications. If SuperSU gives installation error due to binary’s, SuperUser should work perfectly.

Download SuperSU.

Download SuperUser

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