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How to enable, use and install Gadgets in Windows 8

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Configure and have available in your desktop of Windows 8 Windows 7 Gadgets and install additional others from the internet. Download free files and script necessary to enable them .

windows 8 gadgets
Many who used Windows 7 and Vista got used to the Sidebar and Gadgets on your desktop.
Mainly the latter can be very helpful to have in view applications for different tasks either traditional clock , calendar, weather and more .
Windows 8 completely ignores these two functions , since a new introduced visual style Modern UI. Gadgets are replaced by applications running on desktops and also portable devices like cell phones and tablets.
Those who prefer to continue using the Classic Desktop Gadgets can easily enable them, is not complicated and you do not need to install any software for it.

Just follow the steps below.

How to enable the operation of the Gadgets in Windows 8 ?

We can enable Gadgets manually using a script that can be downloaded from this page .
After we do the default Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets will work in Windows 8, but they will not be available in Metro mode.

We should be able to find hundreds of them for free on the Internet , download and install .
The only requirement is to have another partition on your computer or in another , an installation of Windows 7 in which we copy the “Windows Sidebar ” folder.
If it’s a different system we can copy it to a USB memory stick.
The Windows Sidebar folder contains within it the default Gadgets that come with the installation of Windows and other supporting files are located in Program Files , in the system unit .

What does the script do?

The script you download does the following:

? Copy the Windows Sidebar folder to the program files folder .
? Copy the shortcut in the Startup folder
? Register the DLL
? Create an entry in the registry to display are functional and Gadgets .
The operation only takes a few seconds.

How to use the script to install the Gadgets ?

Follow these steps to enable the Gadgets in Windows 8 :
1 – Download the file containing the script.
2 – Unzip it via a right click and choose ” Extract here ” .
Contains inside a file called “install” and a folder called “files”
3 – Copy the Windows Sidebar folder within the files folder.
4 – Copy the complete files to System32 folder found inside the previous Windows system partition.
5 – Right click on the “install” file and choose ” Run as administrator”
When finishing the installation right click on the desktop and see the “Gadgets” option available again.

Download files to enable Gadgets in Windows 8

Use the following link to download the files to your computer (4 KB ) .

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