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How to enable “Cut” function in Mac OSX, when right clicking a file

Those of us who use Windows and Mac quite often, find it odd that Mac OSX does not have a cut function when you right click on a file.

See when we right click on a file, we only have “Copy”.

cut and paste on OS X-1


To solve this we need to get 3rd party utility called Xtrafinder don’t worry it is free.

cut and paste on OS X

Once installed, head to the Prefrences, then the Features tab and enable “Cut & Paste” and close the Window.

cut and paste on OS X-xtrafinder

Now simply try right clicking on a file, and you should now see the Cut option.

cut and paste on OS X-2


You can also press Command + C and Option + Command + V to move files in the finder if you do not want to download any extra apps.



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