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How To Download Subtitles from Youtube videos

admin Mar 3

There are many reasons why you would want to download the transcripts off a Youtube video, but Google has made this task rather tricky due to the fact that they constantly change its API. However we’ll show you how to download these subtitles from your favourite Youtube videos in no time, for Free!

Download the following:

Make sure Firebug is properly installed, and follow the correct steps.

  1. Go to Youtube and the video you want to extract its subtitles.download the transcript of a Youtube video
  2. In the Firefox Menu go to Tools then Web Developer finally find the Firebug option  this should then Open Firebug, similarly you can press F12 in Windows or FN + F12 on Mac.
  3. The Firebug tab should now be opened, at the bottom of your browser, then click on the “Net” tab.download the transcript of a Youtube video-2
  4. At first the “Net” will be disabled, simple enable “Net” in Firebug.
  5. Refresh the Youtube Video while the Firebug tab opened.
  6. Enable subtitles in the Youtube Video by pressing the “CC” button, this will turn captions ON.
  7. In Firebug type “timedtext” in the search box (top-right).timedtext
  8. Below you will then see various results, just find 2nd instance of “GET timedtext”.
  9. Simply Right-click on”GET timedtext”, chose  “Open in new tab”.

Please note not all videos will have the subtitles option, this is due to the user who uploaded the video not enabling them, not a limitation of Firebug.

The extracted transcripts will be in XML format.

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