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How to create a simple banner

admin Jan 1

This tutorial is very simple but need um Brush it can be downloaded from the following


Download brushes here.

Open Photoshop, and create a new document use 500 px by 200 with white background.

banner tutorial 1

Make sure the foreground and colours are black and white background respectively.

Now take the rectangular marquee tool and make a rectangle selection 500 px by 150 px tall and place it as the image.

banner tutorial 2

We now take the brush tool, one that is provided in the link. without deselecting and we just do any pattern on the image, we take another the same brush you downloaded and make any other design, it doesn’t matter what it is.

banner tutorial 3

Now create a new layer to continue without removing the selection. Now use a wet brush about 200 px and can for example use a colour red and we can then add our picture and apply Soft Light mode.

banner tutorial 4

Without deselecting create new layer and choose another colour orange for example, and repeated the same process as the previous step and do not forget to change the mode to soft light.

banner tutorial 5
Let’s put more colours shall we? Then without deselecting create new layer and repeat the steps of the colours

Now we select the background layer we should still have the selection highlighted, in this background layer will make an edge … Edit + 1 pixel stroke for the outside in my case use the black color.

Now we can deselect, and place our image.Copy and paste our image to our work …..

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