How to Clear the cache of your LG G3 and improve its performance

Over time the smartphones with Android operating system do not work as well as the day you bought it. One reason for this to happen is that the cache has stopped working properly and, therefore, it is necessary to delete it. Well, we will indicate how to get this done on the LG G3.

The truth is that all the process does is delete information that is left by both the operating system and applications running on the phone.

Clear Cache LG G3

Therefore, knowing how to perform these processes is a must and can always assist you in the operation of your Android phone or Android tablet if it has become erratic. 


Steps to clear the cache on LG G3

First thing we do is to indicate how to clear the cache of the applications that are installed memory. This is a process that can significantly improve the performance of the LG G3 and by extension of the operating system in general.

If you have any that may be the cause of problems you should do the following:

  • Access the System Settings, press the icon that looks like a cog in the Notification Bar.
  • Now select Device and then Applications.
  • The next step is to click on the application that you think is giving you problems and in the screen that appears, use the Clear Cache button

Once this is done the information saved in memory will be removed and when rerun the application, will be restored. Thus, if the data is not correct, it will be rebuilt and its operation should be fixed.

Remove data stored by the operating system

In the same way we have proceeded to eliminate memory cache in applications, you can do the same with the data stored in the device’s Android operating system. This does not endanger the LG G3, and therefore is a safe process and if done correctly streamlines its operation.

The steps to follow are:

  • Again, you must access the phone’s settings and then select the General tab.
  • Now select Storage and wait for the loading of all system information that is being performed.AndroidPIT LG G3 Android 5 0 Lollipop clear cache
  • Search for the Cache option and click OK in the window that appears (this may take something as a lot of data is being erased).AndroidPIT Google Play Store app info

If all this does not work and find that your LG G3 isn’t working the way it was since the first day you bought it,  you can always carry out a factory reset, which will find explained in this article from Android Help, that surely it will utility.


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