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How to Bypass Windows login: Delete Windows Password

admin Jul 7

There are many people who want to delete the current windows password and bypass Windows login. As it so happens some even need to find a way to access friend’s Windows computer anonymously. Sometimes, we even forgot our own Windows login password. If you are searching for a solution to one of these problems, you are at the right place. Today, I am posting the best way to bypass windows login in this article. So, let us begin.

How to Bypass Windows Login:

This Windows trick works for all Windows versions (not yet tested under Windows 10) and the procedure is same for all the versions. After configuration, the only thing you have to do is to boot using your usb drive and you can easily delete Windows password. Please note that this trick will not reset the existing Windows password. It will erase the Windows password only when you boot from the USB. The next time you boot computer without USB, you will be required to enter the actual password.


– A computer.
– USB drive

Make sure you have the above files before moving to the procedure.

Got those files? Great! So, let us get into the steps to delete Windows password.

Steps for Deleting Windows Password:

1. First of all, you have to format your USB drive. You can do that easily by right click -> Format. Also, while formatting make sure that you have selected FAT32 as File System. This is necessary for proper working of this trick.

2. Unzip your downloaded folder and from “Grub” folder, run grubinst_gui.exe as Administrator. For this, right click on file and hit on “Run As Administrator”.

Note: Do not run this file in Sandbox. The trick will not work.

3. Click on “Disk” radio button and from dropdown box, select your USB drive.

Note: Make sure you select your USB drive and not any other drive. You can select it correctly by looking at size mentioned in the options.

4. Hit on Install and you will be shown message regarding successful installation in command prompt.

Update: If you are getting some error like: Bad partition table or so, copy this code: --skip-mbr-test into Extra textbox and hit on Install. Thanks to vihari for the feedback. :)

5. Now, copy these 3 files in your USB root:
– grldr from “grub4dos” folder
– menu.lst and

The 3 files are present in the downloaded folder. Make sure you copy these files in USB root and not in any folder.

That’s it. You are done with the basic configuration of USB drive.

Boot from USB:

Restart your system and boot using the USB drive you just configured. On next screen, hit Enter once. Windows will start normally and you will be shown Windows login page. Don’t worry! You don’t have to enter any password. Just hit on Enter and you will be able to bypass Windows password. Cheers!

Now, when you restart your computer in a normal way (without booting from USB), you will be asked to enter a valid password. So, if you want to access friend’s computer anonymously, without his knowledge, you can do it easily using this beautiful trick.

Whenever you want to remove the Windows password, simply boot using this USB drive and enjoy anonymous access to any Windows computer. I hope you will now be able to bypass Windows password using the above trick.