How to auto save passwords in Firefox without confirmation



It would be a lot of fun if you are able to auto save passwords in Firefox. Consider a situation: One of your friends uses your computer for checking his Facebook. He enters his login email and password on Facebook login page. After hitting on Enter, Firefox does not show him any password saving confirmation prompt. Instead, his email and password is automatically saved by Firefox! Interesting, isn’t it? Yeah, you guessed it right. Today, we will learn how to auto save passwords in Firefox without any confirmation prompt. So, let us give it a go!

Auto Save passwords in Firefox:

You have to edit core files of Firefox for auto saving passwords. Please note that this article is for educational purpose only. I am not responsible for any act done by you.

Let us get into the procedure of saving passwords in Firefox.

1. Download PowerArchiver and install it on your computer. This is used to open and edit Firefox files. Make sure that Firefox is not running while following the further procedure. Exit Firefox, if running and move to next step.

2. Go to C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox and look for omni.ja file.

Note: Before moving to next step, make sure you have a backup of omni.ja file. If you want to restore your original Firefox settings, you need this default omni.ja file.

3. Open this file using PowerArchiver. You will see all the files present inside omni.ja. Go to jsloaderresourcesgrecomponents and delete nsLoginManagerPrompter.js file.


4. Go back to the root folder of omni.ja file and navigate to components folder. In that folder, open nsLoginManagerPrompter.js file using Notepad++. In Notepad++, search for _showSaveLoginNotification function. Now, you have to edit this function as shown in the screenshot below:


Replace all the function contents with this:

var pwmgr = this._pwmgr;


Save the file and allow PowerArchiver to overwrite the file in omni.ja.

5. That’s it! Your Firefox is completely configured to auto save passwords without confirmation.
Run your Firefox and login to any online account. Firefox will save passsword without asking any for permission. To view saved passwords in Firefox, go to Tools -> Options and hit on Security tab. Then click on Saved Passwords button. In the prompt, click on Show Passwords and you will be able to see saved passwords like this:

If you are not comfortable with editing files, here is the edited omni.ja file. Download it and copy(overwrite) it in your C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox folder.

How to restore original Firefox settings:


If you want to restore your original Firefox settings, first of all, exit Firefox. Then, simply delete your current edited omni.ja files and copy the backup copy of omni.ja in C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox.

I hope now you are able to automatically save passwords in Firefox using the above trick. You can easily capture your friends’ passwords using this beautiful Firefox trick. Cheers