How To

How do you know who has visited your Facebook profile? Follow these steps

Want to learn who is visiting your Facebook profile? Just follow the next easy tutorial to find out!

The first thing to consider if we want to know who has visited your Facebook profile, is that the browser we use is essential and why we must have the latest version of Google Chrome, you can download from this link and make sure it is properly installed.

Once you have installed Chrome, you’ll have to click the right mouse button anywhere on your Facebook page, and see that the phrase “View Source” appears, when we open it we’ll see some text regarding an encrypted code of the page.

Once we’ve done the previous step, and we’re inside this tab of codes, the next step is to press the Ctrl + F command, so we can open the search text, which will appear just below the address bar on the right .

Once we have done that, we have to write “FriendsList” and press Enter.

After completing the previous step, it should appear in highlighted form some of the code with the tag “FriendsList“, and also a series of numerical codes listed below, which are neither more nor less than the IDs of the profiles that have viewed your Facebook account, though you can only tell the id’s of the friends you know and you have previously added as friends, not others.

The norm would be after you try this and look for the phrase “FriendsList”,[],{“list”:”,  a list of all user IDs that have been visiting your Facebook page should “appear”, as well as those whom may have had more interaction with you.

Of course, we are not going to display any real IDs, but an example of one of these could be “1581493345-6.” so to know who that ID belongs to all you have to do is copy this number except the hyphen and the number that follows, then open another window to copy the link and find out who has been trying to snoop in on your profile, use this link as an example

In this simple way, now you can know for sure which of your friends are interested to know you a little better, but in turn be careful, because others may follow the same tutorial and know that you too have been snooping in their profiles.