Holoportation, is what Microsoft calls its latest virtual reality project

Holoportation is the name given to a new Microsoft virtual reality project. Pretty much the name says it all, Holoportation emphasizes science fiction that many are already waiting for: teleportation.

Although you can not actually create the transport of matter, the fact is that Microsoft has created a fictional teleportation based using Hololens glasses and via the use of multiple cameras to capture images, which results in sort off Holoportation technique. The result is not very spectacular as it results in a virtual double that we can only see if we have the virtual reality glasses, something like Star Trek but not really….

According to the actual Microsoft project website, Interactive 3D technologies (I3D) combines research on 3D graphics, computer vision, machine learning, novel hardware, augmented reality and NUI. Our remit is to demonstrate radically new user experiences built using state-of-the-art vision and graphics algorithms, and novel sensing or display hardware. Our projects mix theory and practice, meaning we research new algorithms and techniques, but also build complex systems, and demonstrate our results practically.

The virtual reality Hololens has a cost of $ 3,000, yup that’s the cost of a 3D capture camera or rather several cameras of this type and the fact that you will also need an extra pair of HoloLens¬†glasse, Holoportation still in the works and only time will tell if it will be truly useful and worth it.