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Haswell and Ivy Bridge are now available in 16 new Intel CPUs

admin Sep 9

As expected, Intel has just introduced 16 new models of CPU architectures distributed among its Ivy Bridge and Haswell and families increased family of core i7, i5, i3, Pentium and Celeron. The details of the new models, with its launch price below.

Haswell and Ivy Bridge are now available in 16 new Intel CPUs

Among the innovations that bring these 16 models, we have the i7-4771, an intermediate model between the i7-4770 and i7-4770K Haswell, which has the same CPU frequency of the latter but with frequencies identical to the previous GPU . We also have the arrival of the first i3 with Haswell blood, with five models which are handled TDP 65W to 35W, and a model that reaches the 3.6 GHz frequency.

On the other hand, also arrived the new Pentium Haswell for socket 1150, with the G3220 models to consider as “the CPU of choice” by its price performance. For the final stretch there is the Ivy Bridge, Intel introduced an upgrade to core i5 line with models i5-3340 and i5-3340S. We also have two new Celeron models, which are a prelude to the new Haswell brothers.

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