Hackers can simply use an iPad to hack into Smart Cars

Vehicle manufacturers have begun to equip their products with wireless technology, but these novel features have not been adequately protected against a  real possibility that hackers can take control of a vehicle or steal personal information, says a federal senator.

Senator Edward Markey, who bases his argument on information provided by manufacturers, has concluded that “many in the automotive sector do not understand the implications of this new information age” of the car, as published by The associated Press.

In a presentation on “CBS This Morning” on Monday program Markey said drivers should ask questions because “there is no guideline set about it.”

“Many in the automotive industry really don’t understand what the implications are of moving to this new computer-based era,” said US Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.). “No longer do you need a crowbar to break into an automobile,” said Markey, during an interview on CBS This Morning. “You can do it with an iPad.”]