Green Tech: An electric car may also be able to power your house in the future

Endesa and Nissan are involved in a project to power your vehicle but can also be used at home

The technology of electric cars is constantly evolving. The latest development is a system that allows the vehicle itself to supply power to our homes. This is possible because the batteries of electric cars can become both energy-storing as suppliers for the power grid.


This is the technology found in vehicles within the V2G grid, with which Endesa and Nissan are currently working to launch to the European market in the form of a commercially viable system for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure to allow dual directionality (V2G).

The system consists of a dual charger and a management system, which may include elements of renewable energy generation outside the power grid like solar panels or wind turbines. Using this equipment, the owner of a 100% electric vehicle is compatible with version 2.0 of CHAdeMO (fast charging electric vehicles) as found in the Nissan LEAF and e-NV200, as they can connect in phases of low demand.

“Thanks to this technology, electric vehicles will become a fully integrated part of the electric system, adding new storage capacity and utilizing that capacity in the new and innovative ways, for purposes other than mobility”, Jose Bogas, chief executive officer of Endesa, said in the statement.

This way you will take advantage of the lowest prices and then you can use the energy stored in the vehicle for your home during the hours in which consumption is more expensive. This means that the energy that is loaded into the electric vehicle can then be derived for powering our homes, business and even to return it to the power grid.

Given that electric vehicles use between 10 and 100 kWh of capacity and spend more than 90% of their lives parked, a V2G systems will have a central role in the transformation of energy systems. “Thanks to this technology electric vehicles will become part of the electrical system, introducing new storage capacity and demonstrating that the energy stored in an electric vehicle can be used for other purposes in addition to mobility, “says José Bogas, CEO of Endesa.

In the not too distant scenario, the user of an electric vehicle may not only decide when and where to charge their car but the best way to spend and resell the energy stored in the battery thereby achieving tangible financial benefits in terms of energy savings and while maximizing the use of green energy.


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